Belladrum Dragon
A learning Blog for my Bootcamp course in Digital Marketing at Exeter College

Getting Ready For Sea

A little about me. I went to sea for many years, but at the moment I am ashore as I have Illness X, the doctors don’t know what it is yet, but they are really trying to figure it out, so I am beached at least until they do. I also help run the family Board Games Cafe, which is currently under lockdown but plans for re-opening are in hand. I also am an amateur photographer, mostly shooting bands while performing.

I am attending a Digital Marketing Bootcamp course. This blog is basically my homework page. Its where I respond to assignments set for me by my tutors at Exeter College, my tutors get links to this emailed to them as I progress. If you stumble upon it, expect to see my thoughts on marketing leaning towards boosting the Cafe’s presence as well as my photography’s. In the longer term I am looking to work ashore, as my health means that I will probably not pass a seafarers medical any more. So if you require the services of a digital marketer, perhaps I am the guy you are looking for.

The Assignments

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